Uhing Traversing Technology

Uhing’s traversing technology converts a rotary motion into reciprocating linear motion. Uhing’s efficient and reliable traversing systems are applicable to many possible different applications.

Uhing's traversing systems

Among other things, Uhing’s systems can be equipped with a scale for speed control and a changeover system. Uhing’s systems provide high efficiency and low maintenance costs.

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The application of traversing systems

With the reliable traversing systems from Uhing you can convert a rotating movement of an electric motor into a reciprocating movement very efficiently. For example, the Uhing systems are used for winding cables or cords on a reel but also for opening and closing doors as in the case of an elevator. In addition, the traversing systems can very well be used to control all kinds of nozzles in various industrial applications.

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Here is an overview of the traversing systems we can supply.

RG: click-traverse system for controlling direction and speed

RG traverse system with click system for changing the running direction and a scale for setting the speed (pitch).

The RG moves with its click system against an adjustable stop, thus changing the direction of travel.

The ARG is the complete system consisting of the RG unit as well as the hardened shaft for linear motion and also the side plates and adjustable stops.

UMD: the Uhing Motion Drive RG with motorized direction change

A Uhing RG unit is enhanced with sensors and electronic control for electronically controlled changeover instead of changeover by stops.

UMS: a laser system for detection of coil flanges

The flange detection system detects the positions of flanges on the coils.

It can also detect inclined flanges. After a coil change, the system automatically registers the positions of a wider or narrower coil.

RS: simple traverse system with fixed pitch and no stops

The RS is the simple version of the traverse system. Here we have neither a click system for direction change nor a scale to control the speed. In this case, these functions are taken over by the programming of your drive motor.

Accessories: guide rollers, mounting hardware and more

Accessories to better guide the product: including a dancer/buffer system, guide rollers, material to assemble all this , as well as measuring instruments and tools for maintenance of the RG or RS units.

Clamping systems

Clamping systems , such as EASYLOCK and U-clip, to quickly and efficiently secure a reel or spool to a shaft.

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