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Caldic Techniek is the distributor for UHING Gmbh for Belgium and Luxemburg.

The UHING Rolling Ring Drive, or “Archimedes’ Dream” : This may well have been the dream of the mathematician Archimedes (278 to 212 B.C.) and hiscontemporaries: Since Ancient Greek times, there has been the desire for a helical gear variable interms of pitch and direction. In 1952, Joachim UHING launched the first version of the UHING® rolling ring drive.

How does it work ?

UHING® Rolling ring drives are friction drives which convert the constant rotary movement of a plainshaft into a traversing movement. They operate like nuts on a screw rod but have a pitch - either right-handed or left-handed - that can be precisely adjusted and can equal zero. This effect is achieved by using pivoted Uhing® rolling rings that are mounted on roller bearings and have a specially shaped running surface which is pressed against the rotating shaft. A roller lever capable of making contact with cams arranged along the stroke path makes it possible to implement even complicated patters of motion.

The main advantages of the UHING® rolling ring principle are:

highest possible efficiency due to the fact that the gear and the payload are completely supported by roller bearings 

automatic traversing movement

variable traversing speeds ranging from 0 m/s to a maximum of 4.2 m/s; can also be separately set for the two directions with constant rotation of the shaft

variable traversing width and traversing position

high dynamics at the points of reversal

can be released from the shaft

low operating costs

low maintenance requirements

UHING Gmbh is a German producer who has the following interesting products in it's product-range:

 Rolling ring drives

 UMD Uhing Motion Drive

The Uhing Motion Drive® system is based on an Uhing rolling ring drive extended by sensors and an electronic control unit. The control unit software engineered by Uhing ensures that both components - control unit and rolling ring drive - perfectly match each other.

Non-Contact Flange Detecting System

The flange detecting system detects the position of flanges on spools, regardless of the spool used. After a spool change, the system automatically adjusts to the new spool position and, where necessary, the new spool shape.

Guide system
Linear drive nut
Clamping systems

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Have a look at some applications created with UHING drives :