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Megadyne: The intelligent Timing Belt (22-07-2019) have a word 120
Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor for the high quality timingbelts produced by Megadyne. We present you the special Megalinear ID timingbelt, equipped with a microchip that can relay..
Electrocraft Mobile Power DC gearmotors for AGV's and robots. (15-07-2019) logo 120
Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor for Belgium and Luxemburg for the special motor-solutions produced by Electrocraft. ElectroCraft is marketleader in the design and manufacturing of..
The Stamford S0-S1 alternator is our competive answer to all your questions. (14-07-2019)
Caldic techniek Belgium is your official distributor for the generators made by STAMFORD and AvK ( The Cummins Generator Technology group) Cummins Generator Technologies produces the..
Stamford the new S9 series, now with a 3 years warranty (14-07-2019)
Caldic Techniek is your distributor for the high quality alternators made by Stamford / AvK . The NEW STAMFORD® S9 is part of the STAMFORD® S-Range with a voltage output of 3.300 to..
Stamford the new Power Portfolio V7 (14-07-2019) Power portfolio logoblok 120
The Ultimate range of alternators by Stamford/ AvK. The StamFord S Range from 7.5 to 5000 kVA   Utilising wire-wound technology and with an output extending..
Neugart presents the new TEC DATA FINDER software (24-06-2019)
Neugart Gmbh has made an innovative online configuration tool available which is extremely user friendly, even when it is used on tablets and smartphones, with the enhanced Tec Data..
TMC Caldic Techniek is now your distributor for the transformers made by TMC (31-05-2019) TMC logo 120
TMC Transformers is your strategic partner for the supply of medium- and low- voltage transformers. Top class products for both standard and tailor-made solutions. Power ranges from 160..
SEDIS DELTA chain lasts 6 times longer in the cement industry (30-05-2019)
APPLICATION : Cement industry LOCATION : Ireland DIFFICULTY : Dust & elongation TYPE OF CHAIN : Transmission CUSTOMER SUCCESS In a cement factory, the customer used on his..
MOVEX: Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor for MOVEX for Belgium and Luxemburg (06-05-2019) logo movex 120
Caldic Techniek Belgium presents you the new MOVEX 2019 catalogue. Caldic Techniek Belgium has a broad range of products for the power transmission industry and is distributor for Movex in..
Mecvel : The green side of MECVEL (03-05-2019) mecvel in het groen 120 x 60
The ecofriendly side of MECVEL: The linear motion systems made by MECVEL are characterized by high reliability, innovation and precision and are often used at the service of..
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