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Caldic Techniek : download here all possible catalogues about timing belts and pulleys (28-08-2020)
Check out our new download page for everything about drive technology with timing belts and pulleys. Here you will find all Megadyne available technical catalogues of casted timing belts..
SEDIS delivers it's STAINLESS STEEL with 33% more breaking strength now with FOOD WAX. (03-08-2020) FOOD WAX 160
SEDIS delivers ALPHA Premium BS stainless steel with FOOD WAX Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor of the chains by SEDIS for Belgium and Luxemburg. SEDIS has..
Mecvel has developped actuators for the pharma industry : The pink line (03-08-2020) MECVEL pink 160
Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor for the actuators and screw jacks by Mecvel for Belgium and Luxemburg. MecVel core business is the design and the manufacture of electric linear..
Centa presents a new model of the CENTAFLEX M coupling (03-08-2020)
Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor of the elastic couplings of CENTA Gmbh for Belgium and Luxembourg. 25 years ago CENTA Gmbh launched the CENTAFLEX-M, an extremely flexible coupling..
Megadyne SILVER 2 is 3 times stronger then a standard timing belt. (22-07-2020)
CALDIC TECHNIEK is your distributor of the high-quality MEGADYNE products for Belgium and Luxemburg. The MEGADYNE ISORAN series are rubber-chloroprene based belts with glass-cords ( see pos..
We produce our own pulleys at Caldic Techniek Rotterdam. (17-07-2020)
Caldic Techniek is producer of CNC timing pulleys. We have different cnc production machines with automatic infeed and robots for taking out the products, so we can be quite competitive in as..
Movex presents the C500 series: New Hygienic feet with EHEDG and A3 certification. (09-07-2020) blauwe foto op 160
Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor for the products made by MOVEX. MOVEX presents you the new C500 feet by Movex which are designed hygienic and which are certified according..
Megadyne makes special timing belts for your application. (27-05-2020)
Custom Belt Modifications by Megadyne to Optimize your Performance. Belt modifications are a complex, but effective component in many conveying applications. Modifications that are designed..
TECOM proudly presents the new side guides with rollers type 501 and 502 (25-05-2020)
TECOM is producing componants that are used in transportsystems and that are also frequently used for the construction of machines. TECOM  is proud to introduce its new side-guides type..
Do you know the hygienical feet by CALDIC ? (25-05-2020)
How to use the practical tools on the website? Translation of keywords :Vloermontage?  Do you need a mounting plate to fix the foot to the floor?Ja = yesNee = noThe CAL..
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