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Megadyne specialty belts with mounting-cleats (18-04-2021) logo 120
Do you need to connect two parallel running timing belts? This can be done by using false teeth e.g. on an AT20 or AT10 timing belt, but even better is the use of these special mounting-cleats..
Caldic Techniek adds lasermarking to our home-made pulleys (16-04-2021) foto lasermarkeren logo 120
Caldic Techniek now also marks your pulleys with laser. Our production in Rotterdam is now also equipped with a turntable combined with a laser-unit so we can laserprint logos, worknumbers and..
Movex presents the 530 PRO LBP (15-04-2021)
Movex ® 530 Low Backline Pressure Modular Belt Series is the ideal choice for accumulation applications and to minimize the transfer areas between belts. Available in two different..
Caldic Techniek Webshop for conveyor components (17-02-2021)
Did you visit the new webshop of Caldic Techniek yet ? At this moment we have the stainless steel CAL levelling feet in hygienic (with threaded rod) and extra hygienic (smooth bottom with..
Movex FlightTop brings your products to a higher level (16-02-2021)
The MOVEX 550 FLIGHTTOP  Your best choice for inclined conveyors : The new Movex ® 550 FlightTop modular belt is your perfect solution to convey any type of products up an..
Bielomatik MQL reduces your production-costs (15-02-2021)
Since april 2020 Bielomatik Schmiertechniek Gmbh is part of the Dropsa group. Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor for Bielomatik Schmiertechniek Gmbh in Belgium and..
Powerfull dimensioning-program for Timingbelts now availalable (29-12-2020)
Our supplier MEGADYNE is happy to present the new powerfull MEGADRIVE calculationprogram for the optimal dimensioning of timing belts. At the end of the artikel you will find a URL towards the..
UHING Did you know that UHING makes clampings systems ? (08-12-2020)
UHING Clamping Systems Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG - the originator of the Rolling Ring Principle - successful since 1950 in the field of motion control. Since 1992 the clamping..
Megadyne presents new belts for VEHICLE LIFTS (08-12-2020)
NEW BELTS FOR VEHICLE LIFTS Performance under pressure: Megadyne belts for vehicles lift systems offer outstanding load capacity and high transmittable power levels under continuous load, all..
Movex presents the FLEXTOP 553 (08-11-2020)
553 FLEXTOP : The best choice for material handling applications. The new Movex ® 553 FlexTop modular belt is a specifically designed modular belt with self-locking spheres, who are..
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