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Stagnoli keeps plastic HTD pulleys with alu centers ON STOCK (12-12-2022)
Stagnoli expands productrange with plastic pulleys with integrated aluminium inserts. In a lot of cases heavy aluminium or steel timing belt pulleys could be successfully replaced by pulleys..
Megadyne SATI Step-files of standard pulleys via CADENA (12-12-2022)
Do you need 3D drawings or step-files of standard pulleys for your designs ? You can now find the step-files of SATI ( = Megadyne) on the site of CADENAS. See url plus..
Megadyne presents the XMD timing belt : segments are detectable by X-ray and Metaldetectors (12-12-2022)
Metal & X-Ray Detectable Food Contact Timing Belts or MXD-Timing belts The Megadyne revolution in Food Grade belts Food Safety, First and Foremost The most frequent request from the..
Caldic Techniek supplies also traffic lights and racks for gates (11-11-2022) range crop logo 200
Caldic Techniek Belgium is also your distributor for Belgium and Luxemburg for traffic lights for parking and industrial sites. Model APOLLO The Apollo is a historic traffic light, sold in..
Caldic Techniek supplies analogues meters with backlight and personalisation (11-11-2022) 240 graden crop hz 180 pixels
In search of analogue meters with personalised scales and backlighting ? Caldic Techniek supplies competitively priced analogue meters with backlighting and personalised scales. These are..
REXNORD presents a new metal belt with longer lifetime : the CAMBRIDGE PacTitan Pro (10-10-2022)
The PacTitan Pro is an innovative and safe metal belt with a short pitch, a better airflow, reusable rods and a much longer life-time. This belt is strong and efficient - ideal..
Caldic Techniek delivers timing belts for hot products (10-10-2022)
Caldic Techniek Belgium delivers timing belts that can be used at high temperatures. For high temperature applications we can offer several solutions. Timing Belts completely made of..
Neugart presents the new WPLHE with heavy duty output bearing (08-08-2022) logo Neugart
Economical and with a heavy-duty output bearing: The new WPLHE right-angle gearbox Axially space-saving, economical, IP65-compliant and designed for high radial and axial forces at the output:..
Stagnoli expands productrange with precision Helical racks in Plastic (08-08-2022)
Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor for Belgium and Luxemburg for STAGNOLI. PRECISION HELICAL RACKS IN PLASTIC: STAGNOLI EXPANDS ITS CATALOGUE RANGE "The Metal Replacement activity" is..
ELATECH makes tailor-made timing belts like the Elaflex SD. (08-08-2022) Logo 180
Caldic Techniek Belgium is the distributor for Belgium and Luxemburg of the high quality timing belts made by ELATECH . Each project is the story of a dream, impossible at first,..
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