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bielomatik : des systèmes de lubrification


bielomatik : des systèmes de lubrification

Caldic Technic Belgium is your distributor for the lubrication technology by bielomatic  for Belgium and Luxemburg

The bielomatik centralized lubrication technology sees to the exact dosing of lubricants. We offer application-specific solutions for plant and machinery in all industries.

As diverse as this scope of application is, the huge range of system components by bielomatik is just as extensive. Patented technologies and spe -cialized technical solutions with the greatest precision offer you measurable success. Whether you want us to supply in series or solve a specific problem, your requirements are our central focus.

 A short overview of our large range.

Single line lubrication system for multiple lubrification points feeding minimum quantities of oil or fluid grease.

Progressive lubrification system for oil, fuid grease and grease with optimum function monitoring.

Circulation lubrification system for lubrification and cooling of bearings and gear boxes.

Oil/Air lubrication system; lucbrication of open bearings; surfaces, spindels or chains with very small doses of lufricant.

Block lubrication units for simple and low cost solution.

Click here for the overview of the bielomatik product-range :

bielomatik  is also very strong in "minimal quantity" lubrication technology for metal cutting machines.

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