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Caldic Techniek Belgium


Caldic Techniek, votre distributeur des produits ElectroCraft pour le Benelux.

For over 60 years, ElectroCraft has been helping engineers translate innovative ideas into reality – one reliable solution at a time. As a global specialist in custom-motor and motion-technology, ElectroCraft provides the engineering capabilities and worldwide resources you need to succeed.

Overview of the product Range of ElectroCraft


ElectroCraft PRO Series Drives

The PRO Series Programmable Servo Drive provides a new design concept offering a cost effective, compact and modular solution for the control of rotary or linear stepper, brushless or PMDC brush motors of powers up to 385W, with up to 48V nominal voltage and 5.7A (RMS) continuous current.


CompletePower™  Drives

With meticulous engineering and advanced electronics, our CompletePower speed controls and servo drives offer reliability and precision servo motion control. From sensitive medical dosing systems to rugged professional power tools, our CompletePower devices can handle a wide variety of applications.


RapidPower™  BLDC

Our BLDC motors provide the rapid acceleration and consistent speed needed for applications from centrifuges to x-y positioning systems. The RapidPower product line ensures a steady operation at any speed by utilizing sealed ball bearings and reduced torque ripple from skewed magnetization.


AxialPower™  Linear Actuator

Based on modified hybrid steppers, PMDC, and BLDC motors, our family of AxialPower linear actuators are built to last. Our unique approach to linear motion with low-friction, polymer rotating nuts and stainless steel leadscrews provides high force and linear precision in the smallest packages available.


DirectPower™  PMDC

Dynamically balanced armatures and precision ball bearings ensure that the DirectPower line maintains its char-acteristically smooth performance. This durable, totally enclosed, non-ventilated (TENV) motor is available in a broad product line from lower cost, general purpose options to high performance PMDC servo motors.


SolidPower™ Plus  Housed AC

High starting torques and stator windings matched to your applica-tion ensure the SolidPower product provides lasting performance. The dynamically balanced, skewed rotor bars and precision-machined fits keep vibration levels at a minimum.

c frame ac

SurePower™  C-Frame AC

Our AC shaded-pole motor, the SurePower product, can be utilized for a wide range of air-moving applications - perfect for the rigors of refrigeration and commercial food equipment applications.

stepper motor

TorquePower™  Steppers

With non-cumulative position accuracies as low as ±3%, the precision of our TorquePower motor is matched only by the dependability of its performance. Bi-directional operation and enclosed, permanently lubricated ball bearings provide long-lasting, smooth operation.


MobilePower™  Transmissions

With a choice of output ratios, our MobilePower line of products helps power battery-operated vehicles from wheelchairs to lift trucks. And, to increase durability and decrease noise levels, the robust all metallic gears are hobbed to a precision AGMA 9-Class.


NEW   IMDC = Integrated Motor Drive Controllers

ElectroCraft PRO Series Integrated Motor Drive Controllers (IMDC) combine our most advanced motor, drive and control technologies into a single package to provide a new level of motion control capability. The motor types have been selected for their compact size, high performance characteristics and rugged, field-proven capabilities. The integrated drive is based on ElectroCraft's successful PRO Series programmable servo drive. Together, each combination offers a level of functional precision that has never previously been available in a single package.

The PRO Series IMDC range includes brushless motor variants, stepper motor variants and linear actuators. Each is ruggedly designed to withstand industrial environments and incorporates a high performance servo drive incorporating our PRO Series advanced control and sequencing functionality. Each ultra-compact package includes high-performance closed-loop control, a fully-programmable digital sequence engine, fully-configurable analog and digital I/O and deterministic real-time communications. These enable each IMDC to serve as either a stand-alone control solution or as part of a fully-integrated multi-axis system.

ElectroCraft offers you the POWERFULL possibility to design YOUR OWN MOTOR.

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Caldic Techniek is your distributor for the Benelux.

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