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STAMFORD-AvK, worldleader in energieproduction, forms together with Caldic Techniek since the end of the 60's a very strong combination on the Dutch and Belgian market. The developments in the market are closely followed, in order to optimally respond to the needs of the energy users.

This has led to several successes, both in industry and in shipping. Some examples :

In Combined Heat and Power (CHP), there was the introduction of 2/3 winding pitch in generators and an improvement in control systems for more stable operation in plants that must run in parallel with the grid, as well as in island operation.

In shipping, we developed electric shaft control systems and have applied this several times in inland and coastal shipping for driving the cargo pump and bow thruster.

Over the years Caldic Techniek has developed several special products with added value :

Generators made in IP44 by applying special air inlet filters.

Generators equipped with a 2nd shaft end.

Water cooled generators

The most recent product development is the IP54/IP55 air cooled generator.

electrically insulated bearings

Controls with two AVR voltage regulators.

Caldic Techniek has a large stock of about 300 STAMFORD alternators in the Rotterdam plant, which ensures short delivery times. Furthermore we mount (on demand) elastical couplings on the 2 bearing generators.


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