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Stagnoli keeps plastic HTD pulleys with alu centers ON STOCK


Stagnoli keeps plastic HTD pulleys with alu centers ON STOCK

Stagnoli expands productrange with plastic pulleys with integrated aluminium inserts.

In a lot of cases heavy aluminium or steel timing belt pulleys could be successfully replaced by pulleys made of plastic.

In some rare cases ( high speed / high accelerations) the weakest point appears to be the keyway where the pulley is connected with the shaft. In those cases we can integrate an aluminium insert and provide a keyway in the aluminium insert .

Plastic pulleys have the advantage that they are lighter, so less inertia and they also produce less noice.

Stagnoli has created two standard pulleys with standard integraded alu inserts. ( see pictures)

That is the 25 HTD 5PM for a beltwidth of 25 mm from 22 till 72 teeth and the 20 HTD 8M range for a beltwidth of 20 mm from 16 till 56 teeth.

Stagnoli has these standard pulleys ( with doubled flanges) available on stock in Italy so can use this technology even starting with 1 or 2 pulleys.

See page 68 van de Stagnoli Catalogue for the stockpulleys. ( click here)


The ball-marks in the catalogue indicate that these pulleys are normal stockitems in Italy.

Stagnoli is market leader in the fabrication of custom made pulleys.

Custom made pulleys have a very low production cost , but require a more expensive mould.

So if you are using several hundreds of same same pulleys per year, it is probably worth while to check if the total cost of ownership is not lower when producing in plastic.

Have a look at some examples:

We gladly make the analysis for you.

And did you know that Stagnoli is ALSO

very strong in plastic “reducer and worm gears” ?

The helical toothed rotary mechanism – the worm screw – is used in motion transmission between two orthogonal oblique shafts when a strong speed reduction is necessary of the driven shaft in limited dimensions. The screw is always driving, the wheel is always driven.

Depending on the number of principles of the screw, the transmission ratio is obtained. For example, if the screw has a principle on each turn of the screw the wheel moves by a tooth. The screw gear is a strong speed reducer that overcomes great resistance with small power. The performance of this coupling is however low due to rubbing and therefore high wear. This definitely represents a weakness in metal materials.

We have developed a double worm reducer in plastic for the automotive sector.

We needed a high level of precision for both worm screws to reduce power dissipation.

We have optimised the geometry of the teeth in order to reduce friction, and at the same time guarantee the feasibility of supporting the loads required by the application.

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