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Neugart presents the new NGV gearbox for Automatic Vehickles (AGV's)


Neugart presents the new NGV gearbox for Automatic Vehickles (AGV's)

Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor for Belgium and Luxemburg of the high qualityplanetary gearboxes produced by Neugart Gmbh.

Neugart has developped the planetary gearbox NGV for your AGV.

Neugart can provide you with the ideal gearbox solution for your vehicle.

AGVs are designed to transport heavy loads on a continous basis. The specific structural and mechanical demands are extremely high. However, we fulfill them in a reliable way with our NGV planetary gearboxes. You will be impressed with their compact design, the high efficiency and durability.

With AGVs the gearbox usually sits directly in the wheel. In other words, it supports the entire

weight of the vehicle and the weight of the payload. THis means extremely high axial loads are

applied to the output bearing. In the case of the NGV bearing, it has been positioned so that it

reliably withstands these loads. We also use pre-tensioned inclined roller bearings, which can withstand extremely high force levels. The advantage: the wheel does not have to be supported separately, since the bearings support the load directly.

High efficiency : The more energy-efficiently an AGV operates, the longer its range will be. This is particularly relevant with battery-operated vehicles. And the higher the efficiency of the drive train, the smaller the energy store of the AGV can be. In this case the NGV gearbox excels thanks to its planetary gearbox concept with efficiency of 95 percent or more.

Very compact : From a structural point of view, AGVs do not have much room for gearboxes. It is therefore important for them to be very compact. With NGVs, specially developed wheels enclose the gearbox almost completely. In other words, the gearbox is basically outside the vehicle in the wheel, which saves space. If the structural length of the drive train is to be reduced even further, the gear-box can also be installed using so-called direct motor connection. In this case, the sun pinion is attached directly to the motor shaft, and the gearbox housing is bolted directly to the motor. The omission of the motor-adapter-plate. That means that the overall length can be reduced.

Our engineers have also optimized the interface between the chassis and the gearbox. This means that the installation flange is so close to the chassis that the gearbox can be fitted there directly. The adapter and the additional bolted connections are not required. This also reduces the costs and the weight. For ease of installation, the gearbox is inserted directly from the inside through the chassis, and bolted on from there. The motor and the gearbox can be installed as a preassembled unit. When doing this, the diameter of the motor can also be significantly bigger than that of the gearbox itself.

Fits any motor : Having a wide range of adapters makes it possible to attach the NGV gearbox to almost any motor. The advantage for you: you can use motors and controllers that are optimum for your application, because Neugart provides its solutions as a manufacturer that only makes gearboxes, independently of the motor and the controller.

  Efficient and effective: The 2-stage planetary gearboxes originate from our economy model series, which has been proving itself for decades. This combines the best efficiency, a long service life and high precision of ≤ 12 arcmin with an outstanding price/performance ratio.

Resistance to water and soiling: The NGV gearbox is equipped with a special radial shaft seal and provides IP65 protection class at the output side.

Ease of installation: The gearbox can be fitted directly to the chassis of the vehicle without an adapter. This makes pre-assembly of the motor outside the vehicle possible, and the design of the motor is independantly selectable.

High load capacity: Angular contact roller bearing with optimized load appli cation point.

Reliability: Thanks to lifetime lubrication, the NGV gearbox is maintenance-free.

We supply the NGV gearbox in three sizes, with maximum support loads from 400 kg to 1200 kg per gearbox.

For each gearbox size there is a specially developed heavy-duty wheel with a diameter of 160 mm, 200 mm or 250 mm.

Maximum speeds of up to 2 m/s (7.2 km/h) are possible.

Have a look at the Neugart NGV brochure, just by clicking on the picture.

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