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Movex presents the FLEXTOP 553


Movex presents the FLEXTOP 553

553 FLEXTOP : The best choice for material handling applications.

The new Movex ® 553 FlexTop modular belt is a specifically designed modular belt with self-locking spheres, who are specifically designed for high-precision material handling.

Click here on on the following picture  to have a look at the new productvideo of the FLEXTOP 553, explaining how this works.

By using the underlying belt you can control the products on the modular belt.

You can turn the product 90 or 180° while running or move products sideways.

You can speed up products.

The 553 Flextop is suitable for several applications like logistic centers, packaging stations (food and beverage) and corrugated industries.

It is easily integratable into existing systems.

The 360° movement possibility makes the belt suitable for diverting, rotating, accumulating and acclerating applications.

It also minimizes maintenance and downtime.

The small pitch between the spheres ( pitch between the spheres is 25.4 mm (diameter 12,7 mm) allows every type of product transfer.

It is ideal for small and light packages.

The complete closed sliding belt surface is the perfect solution to carry carton boxes, crates, cans and bottles in shrink-wrap packaging

and any kind of polybag with Top-Accuracy package control.


Movement options 553 FlexTop guarantees 360° freedom of movement.

Optimized system flexibility 553 FlexTop is based on your needs.

High spheres resistance and high movement precision.

User-friendliness Easy installation and interchangeability.

Quick maintenance and reduced downtimes.

Superior Durability and high working load guaranteed.

Click here to download the technical brochure of the 553 FLEXTOP.

Click here for the new Engineering Manual of the FLEXTOP 553 modular belt

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