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Movex presents the 530 PRO LBP


Movex presents the 530 PRO LBP

Movex ® 530 Low Backline Pressure Modular Belt Series is the ideal choice for accumulation applications and to minimize the transfer areas between belts.

Available in two different versions, the 530 LBP (3 rows of rollers) has a density of 700 rollers per square meter and the NEW 530 PRO LBP (with 4 rows of rollers) has a density of 3.400 rollers per square meter, offering a even more homogeneous product support.

The 530 PRO LBP is assembled with Patented Pin Sphere ® system and is suitable for Movex Transfer plates with rollers.

Both 530 LBP and 530 PRO LBP guarantee a double possibility of using:

- for accumulation system

- driven rollers, to double the product speed

The two different models allow a great versatility with the same product.

The new 530 PRO LBP is equiped with the new orange PFX rollers.

The orange PFX material has a very low coefficient of friction.

Download here the brochure MOVEX 530.

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