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Movex FlightTop brings your products to a higher level


Movex FlightTop brings your products to a higher level


Your best choice for inclined conveyors :

The new Movex ® 550 FlightTop modular belt is your perfect solution to convey any type of products up an incline.

Molded modules with flights can be easily connected to the 550 modular beltsystem

The belt is available in FT :flat top, FG :flush grid and GT :grip top.

Available materials are low friction acetal LFA Pigeon Blue (RAL 5014), White and Blue (RAL 5005).

The wide range of available heights (up to 76 mm) makes the belt suitable for any application, from food to logistic and distribution, from small parts to heavy ones.

Side indent and central notches are possible options to support the belt in the return section, by guiding it with Movex ® extruded wear-strips.

For You the MOVEX FlightTop results in :  

Higher performance

Longer wear life that leads to excellent and long enduring product handling features.

Completely customizable with the different flights, side indents and notches

Wide range available with 550 FT, FG and GT version

Solid structure

Smooth radii and surface.

Have a look at the FlightTop 550 brochure :

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