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Megadyne specialty belts with mounting-cleats


Megadyne specialty belts with mounting-cleats

Do you need to connect two parallel running timing belts?

This can be done by using false teeth e.g. on an AT20 or AT10 timing belt, but even better is the use of these special mounting-cleats with integrated nuts, which can be welded on any type of timing belt. An additional advantage is that the cords of the belts are not punctured, so the belt remains at its full tensile strength. You can also mount them on the exact distance you want.

Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor for the Specialty Belts made by Megadyne.

Megadyne is a global Italian based manufacturer of special timingbelts in rubber and polyurethane that are often used in power transmission, product handling and linear positioning applications.

Megadyne, founded in 1957, has grown from being a small family company to an international leader in its related fields. Today Megadyne is member of the AMMEGA Group.

Megadyne has a long experience in developing specialty Belts for our customers and have constantly expanded our product range and capabilities."

In 2014 Megadyne Group acquired Belt Corporation of America, also strong in specialty belts.

In 2017 the Megadyne Group, expanded its global footprint with the acquisition of SACIF , a specialty provider of fabricated belts and the creator of Hybrid belts, designed for synchronised movement handling applications.

Starting from 2020 our production and technology centre for Specialty Belts will be placed in Italy. Efficiency and capacity improvements combined with the perspectice of a quick supply chain to fulfill the varied requirements from different industry sectors.

Megadyne designs and produces specialty timingbelts for a large number of industries:

Packaging : Megadyne’s portfolio of synchronous and non-synchronous belts, include special covering materials, cleated belts, machined modifications and other fabrications, play a key role in delivering solutions for the packaging industry.

Food : Belts offering high speed and precision handling performance with FDA and USDA materials, designed for use where positioning, segmentation and placement of product is important.


These heavy industries require high friction and excellent wear resistance. Megadyne offers elastomer and rubber materials that can be applied to your application. Cover modifications to assist in product handling, such as holes and angular or lateral machining are commonly used in this segment.

 Paper and Print

From a broad range of elastomer options, Megadyne can provide the right combination of substrate and cover materials to yield wear resistance, the right coefficient of friction and anti-static requirements. Modifications such as holes for slots, counter slots and vacuum draw down are a Megadyne specialty.

 Material handling

Megadyne works with a wide range of materials and employs state of the art manufacturing processes to deliver reliable solutions for your specific product movement need.

Robotics and automatisation

Urethane and rubber high strength synchronous belts are being increasingly incorporated into robotic positioning,applications; these commonly include pick and place systems for packaging applications, robotic pharmaceutical delivery systems, robotic swimming pool cleaners, security camera positioning, and automotive assembly welding systems.


Megadyne offers a number of synchronous and non-synchronous options for both light duty power transmission and product handling applications within the medical industry. From capsule filling, to productinspection, to pill-packaging, to equipment instrumentation drives, Megadyne belts can be found.


Our belting products are used in a wide range of applications to ensure materials are transported successfully throughout each stage of aluminium production. Megadyne offers tailored solutions to meet your transport requirements as well as high temperature product handling.

Do you want to have a look at the new overview brochure of the Specialty Timing Belts made by Megadyne ?  Then just click on the following picture.

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