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Megadyne presents the XMD timing belt : segments are detectable by X-ray and Metaldetectors


Megadyne presents the XMD timing belt : segments are detectable by X-ray and Metaldetectors

Metal & X-Ray Detectable Food Contact Timing Belts or MXD-Timing belts

The Megadyne revolution in Food Grade belts

Food Safety, First and Foremost

The most frequent request from the Food industry is that the highest possible Food Safety and hygiene standards be maintained at every stage of the production process, from primary production lines all the way through to packaging.

One of the greatest nightmares that food companies have is that their food products will be contaminated by foreign bodies.

Fragments from broken belt elements represent a major contamination risk and that’s why Megadyne developed the XMD timingbelts, to meet this Food Safety market requirement!

Detectable belts are efficient tools for decreasing the risk of contamination from belt fragments. They allow detector systems to FILTER OUT ANY FOREIGN BODIES resulting from broken belt parts and MAKE CONTAMINATION VISIBLE before any product leaves for the consumer market.

Megadyne XMD Detectable Food Contact timing belts are the latest breakthrough trend sweeping the entire Food belting market: get on board! See how these belts can help your company improve the Food Safety standards!

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• Efficiency levels for detection cannot be guaranteed by Megadyne or by any OEM

XMD FC test cards are the only tools that can prove the real-time functionality of detection systems and establish minimum detectable size.

• A number of variables involved in the detection of foreign bodies by X-Ray systems means that test cards may be less efficient Use detectable test cards to:

• This proves that detection is taking place

• This recognizes the minimumdetectable belt and cleat fragment size

This is new game changer

Belt and cleat fragments from all Megalinear XMD and Megaflex XMD belts can be spotted by metal and x-ray detectors, thanks to a special compound used in the manufacture of these timing belts and their accessories.

Therefore, any Food Contact Timing Belts (open end, endless joined, and truly endless) constructed with this compound are detectable.

This Food Safety feature is in addition to other special hygienic design features that include sealed edges and the use of blue as a contrast colour.

Therefore, all Food Contact Timing Belts (open end, endless joined, and truly endless) constructed with this compound are detectable!

Range: Megalinear XMD and Megaflex XMD.

Available in all standard profiles and lengths already in use for Megalinear FC, Megalinear FCM, and Megaflex FCM.


• Special detectable dark blue polyurethane compound

• Standard cords: S and Z torsion Kevlar for Megalinear FC;Stainless steel for Megaflex FCM and Megalinear FCM

• Standard splice method by finger splice

• Customizable with cleats, made of the same detectablethermoplastic compound and applied by welding.


• Metal and X-Ray detectable thermoplastic compound for belts and cleats

• Easy switch 1:1 with existing timing belts

• Food Grade belts comply with EC 1935/2004, EU 10/2011, and FDAstandards that support ISO 22000 (previously HACCP) requirements)

• Working temperature -25°C/+70°C.

Top cover profiles - only available for Megalinear FC

• Increasing Consumer Safety

• Protecting your brand reputation

• Helping the Food industry avoid expensive product recalls that can also damage public trust

• Facilitating compliance with ISO 22000 / HACCP

• Working with the industry’s leader and offering a full range of XMD products for your food processing lines

Click on the picture to download the XMD brochure.

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