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Megadyne SATI Step-files of standard pulleys via CADENA


Megadyne SATI Step-files of standard pulleys via CADENA

Do you need 3D drawings or step-files of standard pulleys for your designs ?

You can now find the step-files of SATI ( = Megadyne) on the site of CADENAS.

See url plus searchterm SATI of click on this link.

The productrange by SATI ( now Megadyne) consists of

cahin-sprockets, locking devices, pulleys for V belts and timing belts and couplings.

So that also means step-files for standard chain-sprockets in simplex , duplex and triplex.

Also SATI  for pulleys for V-belts and timing belts.

But also step-files of the locking-devices by SATI are on CADENAS.

Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor for the products of SATI/ Megadyne.

Link to CADENAS.

Have a look at the larger overview of the Megadyne-products.

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