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Mecvel has developped actuators for the pharma industry : The pink line


Mecvel has developped actuators for the pharma industry : The pink line

Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor for the actuators and screw jacks by Mecvel for Belgium and Luxemburg.

MecVel core business is the design and the manufacture of electric linear actuators and screw jacks, electromechanical devices transforming the rotatory motion of a motor into a linear movement, pushing, pulling, lifting or positioning loads even higher of 20 tons.

The customization service provided by the company allows to configure each product in order to model it according to the technical specifications of the application to which it is intended, in particular regarding the force delivered, the travel speed, the stroke length, the kind of power supply, offering tailored solutions for any project.

The company mission, in fact, is to satisfy its customers and consolidate its worldwide presence through a highly innovative and performing range dedicated to the linear automation.

A constantly increasing request for switching from hydraulic and pneumatic systems into electric ones, led the company to develop products also for the pharmaceutical field.

The use of an electric system in fact offers a series of benefits when compared to hydraulic and pneumatic ones, as being eco-friendly and suitable for “sterile” working environments.

Moreover, it provides:

· Easy connections and reliable control, such as stops along the stroke and self-locking conditions

· The possibility to work with high temperatures, dusts and vibrations with low noise, minimum wear and no maintenance

· The exclusion of pumps, tubes, valves, oil leaks and variations in pressure and flow

The most typical handlings performed by electric linear actuators in the pharmaceutical industry regard mainly:

· Mixers and centrifuges

· Diverters

· Bin tumblers for blending and homogenizing powders and granules

· Automatic machines lines

· Packaging machines and bottling plants

Smaller electric linear actuators as ALI2 and ALI3 models are often applied to diverters, both in vertical and horizontal position:

· In a vertical diverter, they can direct the flow or control the opening/closing of the valve for the raw material passage

· In a horizontal diverter, they usually separate the material laid on the automatic line according to the direction required for the following processing or the packaging

Bigger electric linear actuators as ALI5 and ECV9092 models are more indicated with mixers, centrifuges, bin tumblers, for the automation of the opening/closing of machines doors, and for the regulation of movements performed as blending inclination and rotation. Then MecVel products can be used also for the automated format changeover, according to the kind of substance to be packed (from pills to powders and bottles) or the material used for packaging (as film, plastic or paper).

The great modularity that characterizes MecVel range allows to find specific solutions for different applications requiring linear motions in the pharmaceutical industry, focusing the attention even to features typical of this field, as the use of stainless-steel elements to keep sterile the working environment, demonstrating high quality, efficiency and technical know-how.

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