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Mecvel : the grey productline for Robotics


Mecvel : the grey productline for Robotics

Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor for the spindels produced by MECVEL.

Mecvel explains the grey productline for ROBOTICS.

Robotics is one of the pillars of the industry 4.0 trend, due to its transversal use in several applications. MecVel has decided to focus on the role of electric linear actuators in these fields, gaining in-depth experience through the development of specific projects.

Electric linear actuators and robotics: How do they integrate?

One of the main purposes of industrial automation is to make the processes “smarter”, which in terms of production means increase efficiency and productivity through integration and optimization of different technologies, that must communicate and collaborate in the most effective way.

The electric linear actuator, in particular, is the perfect solution for those applications requiring a positioning accuracy with relatively high load capacity and speed (15000 N and 150 mm/s max.), and these conditions can be easily found in AGVs, or Automated Guided Vehicles.

The result is the ideal match between mobile robots with several features and usages and electric linear actuators, thanks to their ease of installation, simplicity of control and reliability.

What are the main benefits that electric linear actuators provide to AGV's ?

They use an electric system. AGV's can’t work with hydraulic or pneumatic components.

They can handle intermediate positions. They offer a good repeatability of motion and have a higher precision.

They can be combined with any kind of motor thanks to tailored flanges.

They are relatively compact in terms of overall dimensions. They have a good ratio between force and the space they use.

They do not need special maintenance.

AGV's in logistics

AGVs are widely used in logistics, to automate storage and picking processes of goods from the warehouse, and to make it faster.

Mobile robots use electric linear actuators for steering and the lifting of the loading platform.

The product chosen for this project is the MECVEL ALI2 DC: this model can be placed in small spaces and is able at the same time to provide a load capacity of 2000/2500 N at 20/30 mm/s, while the encoder on board gives a constant feedback on the position reached by the stroke.

MecVel ALI2 and ALI2-DS (with double screw) DC electric linear actuators handle the lifting of the AGV loading platform, together with its direction through the steering control

AGV's in agriculture

The use of AGVs in farming and zootechnics allows for a reduction of waste and an optimization of resources.

MecVel is specialized in different handlings involved in the feeding process, supporting the breeding industry, but electric linear actuators can also be used in greenhouses, vineyards and agriculture in general.

MecVel manufactures electric linear actuators for zootechnics, dedicated in particular to AGVS used for feeding systems and the distribution of forage.

In this case, electric linear actuators handle the AGV direction through the steering, allow the opening of the upper hatch for loading the forage, regulate the press that compacts and pushes the forage through the exit points, control the diverter which moves the forage sideways, in order to keep clean the AGV passage.

MecVel ALI1-PF and ALI3-F are the most suitable models for these linear movements: specifically, MecVel ALI1-PF mounts the DC motor parallel to its body, in order to reduce the overall dimensions, and it is chosen when the load is not so relevant, as well as the speed (2500 N at 5,6 mm/s max.).

MecVel ALI3-F is installed when it is required a higher force, as it can provide up to 6000 N at 12 mm/s. In both cases, limit switches on board the electric linear actuator ensure a precise and reliable stroke control.

MecVel ALI3-F and ALI1-PF (version with the motor parallel to the push rod) DC electric linear actuators allow at least 4 movements on board of AGVs used in the breeding industry: steering control, opening of the upper hatch, pushing and distribution of the forage

Electric linear actuators in industrial production

Electric linear actuators are involved in several areas, in addition to the control of AGV steering and direction: MecVel has developed solutions regarding the positioning of sensors in dosing systems for the food industry, rather than injection/blowing devices for the plastics processing.

Cobots, or collaborative robots, are placed along large assembly lines, with the purpose to facilitate and automate mounting processes.

Electric linear actuators can be used from the handling of motorized arms to AGVs, with a focus on industrial fields as automotive, beverage and plastics processing.

In these fields, the AM series is the most suitable, together with the smallest sizes of the EC series, as developed to orient itself towards servo actuation: this means fast, repetitive, precise movements, with medium-heavy loads (up to 15000 N).

These products can be interchangeable with pneumatic cylinders, while ball screws and servo motors complete the configuration, ensuring high performances and long life.

Among the several applications, AM and EC series are chosen in particular for the positioning of motorized arms, sensors, injection/blowing devices in dosing systems, plastics processing or along assembly lines, also thanks to the use of high-efficiency servo motors.

In terms of AGVs used in automotive, the control of AGV steering and direction can be performed by a special version of ALI2 DC with double screw, able to provide up to 2000 N at 10 mm/s.

This shows the versatility of MecVel, that since 1987 manufactures electric linear actuators supported by an important customization service, that allows to configure each product in order to satisfy the technical requirements of the application to which it is intended, to get exactly the linear motion desired.

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The 5  Arguments for using Electric Linear Actuators

a) no hydraulic or pneumatic needed ( so suitable for sterile environments and a green technology)

b) Optimal stroke control and position accuracy

c) Easy integration with electronics and servo or brushless or stepper motors.

d) compatibility with PLC control.

e) low maintenance ( compared to hydraulic or opneumatic systems)

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