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MOVEX makes designing easier with the new Engineering manual


MOVEX makes designing easier with the new Engineering manual

The new MOVEX Engineering manual gives you a lot of information on how to construct or improve your internal transportsystems.

Chapter 1 : General Selection guidelines : What type of chain to use for different applications like glass bottles, cans, crates, boxes.

Chapter 2 : Construction guidelines : Contains info about sprockets positions, matching sprockets sizing, bore tolerances, indications of conveyor lenghts, recomandations of max speed. Differences between bevel, tab and magnetics systems. Drive design, FFT transfers, wearstrips and return systems.

Chapter 3 : Recommendations for installations & maintenance for gripper chains.

CHapter 4 : Instructions for MOVEX Zero Contact belts and curves.

CHapter 5 : Instructions how to use MOVEX side flexing belts

CHapter 6 : What type of (special) material to use in fonction of temperature, friction, waterabsorption, wear and pv limit. Also resistance against chemical products .

Chapter 7 : Frequency of cleaning : What methods to use and chemical resistance

Chapter 8 : Inspection guidelines if something could be improved.

Chapter 9 : Assembly instructions

Chapter 10 : The MOVEX application questionnaire in case of new projects.

Download here the complete manual ( 55 Megabyte)

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