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MOVEX has a new catalog for 2022


MOVEX has a new catalog for 2022

The new MOVEX general catalog with a wide range of conveyor components and modular solutions is now available.

Below you can find the main changes about modifications and new products.

There is even much more NEW STUFF in the new catalog. 

Updated SS chains with flat rubber:

now the rubber of the stainless-steel chain is completely

flat so to offer a better and homogenous grip

Updated 820 with a more closed sliding surface:

-45% open gap

+15% contact surface

New range of turning disks:

available for side flexing chains 878-1701-1706-43-63-83-103-140

machined and molded, drive, idler and turning versions

New machined curves for 878TAB -880 TAB BO - 888 TAB

with radius 200mm, also available in BluLub

New curves for side flexing modular belt 600 series,

standard, small radius, heavy duty and with bearings

Range extension blue modular belts:

510FT, 520FT, 520FG, 525HD FT, 525HD FG, 550FT,

550FT, 550FG, 550 Flight-Top, 556 FT, 556GT, 660, Zero

Contact, 260 M FT, 260 M FG, 260 TAB

New 522 HD modular belt:

Modular and one track ½ inch pitch belt

New 530 PRO LBP:

LBP belts with PFX rollers for small transfer lengths

New 550 Flight Top:

Ideal for incline and decline applications

Completely customizable

New 553 FlexTop:

Multidirectional belt with ½ inch sphere for

material handling and logistics applications

Range extension Movex NoseBars:

Avalable for series 510, 520, 525, 521, 522, 530 and

also one piece patented

New Zero Contact PRO and S

Curve conveyors, stainless steel or painted frame

equipped with unique Zero Contact™ and Zero

Contact™ PRO belts


New Zero ATP

Ideal for small transfers and to be connected to Zero

Contact curve conveyors

New Zero ATP PRO

The smallest Active Transfer Plate in the world,

connecting conveyors in the most effective way

New Sorter Plus

Multidirectional conveyor, equipped with 553 FlexTop

belt, ideal to handle products at 360°

Range extension Extruded profiles

28 new shapes available extruded with high performance BluLub,

New Titanium White or high performance UHMW-PE


New stainless steel split collar

Available with bores from 8mm to 40mm and

From 5/16” to 1-1/2”

New stainless-steel brackets

Available with nut, plastic knobs or

stainless-steel knobs, fixed or adjustable

Range extension for knobs

New single clamp for conical guide

New colored end caps for rods and plastic

plugs for round and square tubes

Range extension roller guides with BluLub rollers.

New Blue Bearings, 5 different shapes:

• Introduced new design UCP

• Introduced COMPACT FL versions (206 – I 90,5mm, 208 – I 119mm)

• Created BLUE versions

• Added Open Safety Caps

• Added black and blue sealing rings (as optional)

New C400 and C500 hygienic feet

Click on the Following picture to download the new MOVEX 2022 catalog ( attention : 120 mega)

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