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KOMP-ACT lineair actuators achive high speeds with innovative iron core stator design


KOMP-ACT lineair actuators achive high speeds with innovative iron core stator design

Caldic Techniek Belgium is happy to present you the tubular lineair motion technology by KOMP-ACT

Established in 2018, KOMP-ACT was founded by two aerospace engineers and a University Professor with backgrounds in actuators. Based in Switzerland, KOMP-ACT designs and engineers energy-efficient, lightweight, and programmable electric motion automation solutions which can be easily integrated into new and existing industrial machinery for increased output and reduced operational costs.

KOMP-ACT’s current product line is comprised of two linear actuators and two linear motors available in varying stroke lengths, as well as one direct drive parallel gripper designed to quickly integrate within virtually any new or existing PLC-equipped machinery built for packaging machinery and assembly automation.

To further reduce complexity, therefore costs, our actuators and grippers are programmable via an easy-to-use web interface, which requires no software download, nor complex coding or settings. Our electronic controller, required to set basic motion parameters via the web interface, has also been designed to manage two actuators at a time.

Main innovation regarding our actuators is the use of tubular linear motion technology with an iron core stator in combination with permanent magnets which provides higher force density and better heat dissipation with respect to ironless technology, thus enabling higher dynamic performance.

In addition, the use of iron core technology reduces the amount of copper needed to produce force, resulting in lower ohmic resistance and high energy efficiency due to low power losses (copper losses).

All our devices work at 24 and 48 volts which facilitates integration on existing machinery operating on these voltages.

Download here the brochure and datasheets.

Have a look at the KOMP-ACT video  ( just click on the picture)

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