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Cambridge by Rexnord Conveying Solutions for FOOD


Cambridge by Rexnord Conveying Solutions for FOOD

Caldic Techniek is your distributor for the high quality products by REXNORD. Recently REXNORD has added the products of CAMBRIDGE to it's large scala of solutions for the FOOD industry.

A few examples :

Iced Cookies Stay Sweeter with DuraFlex® EDGE

A large cookie manufacturer found that frequent maintenance on their icing line was taking a bite out of production. Removed weekly to clean out sugar build-up knocked the belts out of shape and led to costly, time-consuming replacements. Cambridge installed DURAFLEX® EDGE and gave the plant back their dough.

Cookie-Cutter Belt Couldn’t Cut It

When a popular cookie baker couldn’t keep their sandwich cookies together, they called on Cambridge to clean up the crumbs and save some dough. Our cracker-jack team discovered an inferior belt was stretching while the cookies cooled, causing them to lose orientation and miss their sandwich match. Precision’s flatter carrying surface and unparalleled tracking united these confectionary crackers and more than doubled belt life.

Something Fishy Afloat

We thought there was something fishy about a seafood processor having to continually shut down their line to repair stretched belting and clean product build-up. With fresh eyes and a fresh approach, Cambridge installed our patented PacTitan® belt. With its selfcleaning sprockets and clinched edge, we got this plant swimming again.

Spiral & Turn Conveyor Belts

Wider Faster Stronger Than any spiral belts in the market, these patented systems are designed to process and move baked goods, meats, poultry, fish and prepared foods of all kinds. Versatile and perfectly suited for a wide variety of light and heavy duty applications including heating, cooling, proofing and freezing at sustained speeds to 250fpm.


Cambridge’s custom engineered and precision fit sprockets are available for our positive drive conveyor belts in six types of materials. Specifications and material are determined based on application and belt specifications. Sprocket drive provides a smooth, positive means of driving the belt, serves to keep the belt properly aligned and provides accurate synchronization of belt movement with operations.

You need more info ?? Then have a look at the REXNORD-CAMBRIDGE brochure:


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