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Caldic Techniek supplies analogues meters with backlight and personalisation


Caldic Techniek supplies analogues meters with backlight and personalisation

In search of analogue meters with personalised scales and backlighting ?

Caldic Techniek supplies competitively priced analogue meters with backlighting and personalised scales.

These are rotary coil meters with an injected polycarbonate housing. They can be used for measuring DC currents and voltages, e.g. for generator sets or in switchboards.

This can also be used in inland vessels for speed indication or rudder position, as well as for current and voltage indication.

Backlighting available in 2 models : 90° or 240°

On the one hand, we have the 240° version which exists in sizes 72, 96 and 144 (mm).

The 240° range features a backlight with 2 lamps.

On the other hand, we can also supply you with gauges with a 90° scale and a single backlight.

Black dials are also an option.

And why not have your company logo on the dial ?

We can make personalised scales for you with your own design and with your logo.

Need marine certification?

For use on a seafaring vessel, illuminated dials for wind, depth, rudder position, trusters, etc., must be marine approved. ("the well-known logo of a steering wheel") ...

For this particular application, we refer to DEIF's analogue XL gauges, which are marine-approved.

To get the signal towards the meters, we often use current transformers.

The CT current transformers from Caldic Techniek:

Caldic current transformers, which are part of the panel building range, convert a high current into a lower current, making it possible to use them as inputs for analogue meters and other instruments.

They are manufactured from high-quality polycarbonate and comply with UL94V-0

Cost-effective current transformers with cast housing

On the primary side, we can measure up to 7500A and convert this to 5A or 1A as standard.

Maximum voltage is 720V

The CT is are for both cable and bus-bar.

With wire-sealable terminal strips

Various mounting options (wall mounting, cable mounting, bus bar and DIN rail).


Then call Luc Dosselaere on 00 32 473 863 758 or send us an e-mail !

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