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Caldic Techniek adds lasermarking to our home-made pulleys


Caldic Techniek adds lasermarking to our home-made pulleys

Caldic Techniek now also marks your pulleys with laser.

Our production in Rotterdam is now also equipped with a turntable combined with a laser-unit so we can laserprint logos, worknumbers and codes in your pulleys for a small extra charge.

Caldic Techniek is producer of CNC timing pulleys. We have different cnc production machines with automatic infeed and robots for taking out the products, so we can be quite competitive in as well small as well as large quantities. We also have conventional machines for easy modification of standard Megadyne pulleys according to your drawing. We have a large stock of standard pulleys available at Caldic Techniek Rotterdam.

Have a look at the following special pulley-solutions:

This hexagonal pulley is used in the tobacco industry.

Tobacco is often contaminated with sand and hard parts and is also chemically agressive.

That is why we a making this CNC pulley in steel and we apply an extra treatment to harden it.

This aluminium pulley has a width of 152 mm and is equipped with an EASYDRIVE guiding ring.

A FDA approved belt with spikes runs on the anodised pulley.

There are no flanges anymore on the pulley, so dirt can not longer

build up between the pulley and the timing belt. The dirt is pushed out during the running of the belt.

This stainless steel pulley has been developped specially for the chocolade industry. Chocolade is a very sticky product that can stay glued on the timing belt.

This happens mostly on the toothside. So when the chocolade is getting colder is gets hard and the contact between the teeth of the pulley and the timing belt.

Caldic Techniek has modified the pulley with special chambers and canals, so that the still liquid chocolade can be pushed away out of the contact area.


Caldic Techniek has the patent for producing pulleys with the EASY DRIVE guiding rings. The following EASY DRIVE pulleys were used for transporting products. With traditional flanges the cartons would be damaged, but this is avoided by using the orange easy drive guiding rings.

The EASY DRIVE ring also makes sure that the horizontal timing belt stays on the same position.

With traditional pulleys with flanges the timing belt will move up and down, but rhis will not happen with EASY DRIVE. The central guide can also be placed out of center and can also be made in stainless steel.

We also like to point out the fact that we have special tooling available in Rotterdam for the production of zero backlash pulleys with AT5, AT10, T5 en T10.

Rexnord is now owner of Tollok, the well known producer of tensioning systems. This gives you the extra advantage that Caldic Techniek can deliver you the combination of special cnc-pulleys including the tollok tensioning ring. We have stock of a large number of tollok-models available in Belgium.

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