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Caldic Techniek Belgium supplies tailor-made timing belts


Caldic Techniek Belgium supplies tailor-made timing belts

We like to show you some newly realized timingbelts for special applications:

CELLOFLEX with holes cut out by waterjet.

Firstly holes and cut-outs are made by means of waterjet (this is a very thin waterbeam at 3500 bar). This CELLOFLEX layer is then glued onto a timing belt. Because of the cut-outs, the normally stiff layer of CELLOFLEX becomes quite flexible. This can be used, for example, for pressing hot melt glue when closing boxes.

Why not use inflatable timing belts?

These timing belts have an inflatable continuous tire glued around it. 

You can therefore determine yourself how much pressure you put on these tire-belts in order to, for example, turn jars or to press something down ?

See also the short video of these belts with glas containers.

We can provide sharp pins on timing belts:

Timing belts for food contact:

The timing belts below have no coiling nose (are without gap) especially for food applications. A coiling nose is very difficult to keep clean.

This is a drawing of a belt with coiling nose TRANSFOOD Belt without coiling noise ( no gap) Drawing of belt WITHOUT coiling nose/ so no gap

What is a coiling nose or gap ?

The coling nose or gap is the small line that you see on the tooth side of a timing belt (between two teeth). This is a result of the spacers (a kind of very thin knives) that are used to keep the cords in the centre of the timing belt during the production process. The sides of these timing belts are closed.

Toothed belts for sausages.

The exstruded ribs ( Type Lamelle 10) are grinded out in the longitudinal direction so that sausages can be positioned on them. A number of teeth are milled away to make room for a clamping system.

Timing belts for chocolate processing

On these special timing belts without gap we have welded large cups, see pictures:

In this case the cups are filled with liquid chocolate.

We can also weld cleats on the TRANSFOOD surface combined with pins ? 

We can also extrude these timing belts in blue FDA polyurethane with slats, pins, caps, ribs, longitudinal ribs,

We already have many other moulds available for different surfaces in TRANSFOOD

We will gladly work out a special timing belt for your project.

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