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Bielomatik MQL reduces your production-costs


Bielomatik MQL reduces your production-costs

Since april 2020 Bielomatik Schmiertechniek Gmbh is part of the Dropsa group.

Caldic Techniek Belgium is your distributor for Bielomatik Schmiertechniek Gmbh in Belgium and Luxemburg.

Minimal Quantity Lubrication technology (MQL) in the metal cutting processes is able to combine the highest productivity with ecological and health benefits. The undisputable reduction alone in the consumption of coolant emulsions makes, in many respects, improvements in the entire metal processing sector and, of course, for operator and the environment. In order to assess the benefits it is worth taking a look at the details.

The main feature of MQL is the feeding of the exact metered quantity of oil directly to the tool operating area. Heat is dissipated primarily via the swarf (the milling wast)

Other features of the machining process are:

• “Virgin” MQL oil is always used at the machining point. This has a positive effect on the quality of the workpieces being machined.

• This process only requires a very low power out-put for transporting the MQL oil.

• The MQL vaporises virtually completely and immediately at the tool cutting edge.

• The machining system and the work-pieces remain virtually oil-free.

• The swarf is dry and clean and can be recycled directly.

• The MQL vaporises virtually completely and immediately at the tool cutting

• The machining system and the work stays dry.

Bielomatik Schmiertechnik MQL 1-channel system

In the MQL 1-channel system an aerosol is produced thanks to the patented multiple nozzle technology. This is fed to the tool via the aerosol line, rotary union and the spindle or the turret. The use of the bielomatik MQL 1-channel system is in cutting processes with low to medium spindle speeds It can even to be used where the spindle has a complex inner geometry. Depending on the design, oils with low viscosity can be used. Typical areas of application are transfer lines with machines with turret tool.

In known processes the system can also be used for machining centers. Furthermore, this system is also suitable for retrofits.

• Easy installation in your machine.

• User-friendly operation.

• Integrated control system

• Easy control of tool parameters via I/O coupling or PROFIBUS.

• Suitable for up to approx. 16,000 rpm spindle speed.

• Use of standard rotary unions.

• Existing machines can be easily retro-fitted.

• CE/MQL switchover possible.

Bielomatik Schmiertechnik MQL 2-channel system

The Bielomatik Schmiertechnik MQL 2-channel system is also suitable for highly dynamic processes with high spindle speeds because oil and air are combined very close to the process being performed. Typical application cases are machining centers with frequent tool change. In the case of the bielomatik MQL 2-channel sys-tem an oil fi lm is transported by air in the direction of the tool. Exact dosing is also possible for small tools such as the supply of tools with a higher lubricant requirement. There is no contamination of the machine during the tool change. The “chip to chip” time can by very short due to the quick response time of MQL 2-channel system.

The oil feed can be calibrated and independently of the speed.

• Extremely fast response times.

• Accurate dosing capability between 5 and 500 ml/ hour.

• Integrated control system

• Simple control of tool parameters via M-code functions.

• It can even used for small tools with cooling channels < 1 mm.

• Suitable for up to approx. 40,000 rpm spindle speed.

• It is also suitable for tools with a high lubricant consumption.

Download here the MQL-brochure with more details and applications:

Click here for the MQL-video.

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